Question everything

August 28, 2006

However, Buddhism is also not about what most people regard as the opposite of that. It is not about taking a hard-assed fuck authority attitude towards everything. The funny thing about all these crazy anti-authoritarian iconoclastic Zen Masters out there is that you’ll notice that they all accept the Zen tradition. As iconoclastic as they may be, they still shave their heads, wear the robes and participate in the various rituals and ceremonies associated with Zen practice. Kodo Sawaki, for one, is always held up as the ultimate rebel monk. Yet look at his picture on the top of this article. There he is with the same robes and skinhead hair-do as any other Zen monk. Why? If he was such an iconoclast why didn’t he just say “screw it!” and grow his hair long and wear bell-bottoms?

Every authority figure is you. Lots of people are really into the whole “all is one” thing in Buddhism. It sounds really lovey-dovey and nice. But, folks, remember that “all is one” means that you are George W. Bush. There is no difference between you at all. George’s power and authority come only from you and you alone.

– Brad Warner, the Hardcore Zen blog


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