Blogisattva Awards

February 2, 2007

So, the other day on my personal blog I linked up to the Blogisattva Awards which are given to Buddhist bloggers.  Kind of a cool idea and I wanted to scour the nominees for new sites to check out.

Today I returned to the page, clicking through a few links here and there when I stumble upon the “Best Achievement in Clean, Straightforward, Unaffected Design” category and see:

  • Nine Out of Zen, ryan

Wait… what?

First of all, I’m surprised anyone’s even stumbled across this blog as I haven’t really mentioned it or linked it up very many places.  It’s really just been a place for me to think out loud about stuff as I start this here Buddhist journey thing.

Secondly, as much as I’d like to take credit for the design, it’s just a plain old WordPress theme I downloaded.  I haven’t even made a header graphic!  On top of that, I grabbed it because I first saw it over at My Zen Life.  So I’m doubly lazy!

I guess what I’m saying is: please don’t vote for me!  I’m sure one of the other sites is way more worthy than a lazy zen beginner that slapped his site up on a whim one afternoon.

But I do invite you to stick around and comment!  I have a lot to learn.



  1. Oh, grasshopper,

    Sometimes it is what you don’t do that is of as much value as what you do.

    The award, in the “Best Achievement in Clean, Straightforward, Unaffected Design” category particularly, is for the result, not the buckets of sweat you pour into the effort.

    The design of your blog is pretty damn spiffy. Don’t you think so? Besides, the award is going TO YOUR BLOG and all the MILLIONS OF PEOPLE who have worked at bringing it here, including the inventors of the Internet.

    Remember, you, me and everyone and everything “inter-are.” No man is a island.

    Tom Armtrong, Blogisattva co-ordinator

    [The announcement of the winners has been delayed until the 25th, btw.]

  2. Interbeing! Of course!

    Now give me my award. I mean *our* award! :)

    (Thanks for running these awards, Tom — I’ve found a bunch of great blogs that I didn’t know existed.)

  3. I ‘ M B A – A C K. The Ghost of Blogisattva Present.

    It Blogisattva season, again, Ry. Would blogging more have hurt you? Hmmm?

    This is a great blog, and I truly don’t think there is a better design anywhere. But I do think you should ratchet up the volume! Turn your speakers past ten, to eleven! Oop. That’s not it. Ratchet up the quantity! More words, that’s what we want. No stinting!

    Tom Armstrong, Blogisattva Administrator

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