Just practice

July 2, 2007

Brad Warner directs us to this interview with David Chadwick (Crooked Cucumber):

Brad points out a section that snapped me to attention (emphasis mine):

And in the interview Chadwick answers a question I always hear, which is how do you get motivated to do Zazen practice. The answer, which Chadwick poses a bit more politely than I’m about to, is fuck motivation, just practice. He compares it to writing, which I can relate to. Any writer knows that if you only write when you’re specifically motivated to do so you won’t produce anything worthwhile. You just gotta sit down and do it. Same with Zazen. You set a time each day for Zazen and you do it then, whether you want to do it or not, whether it feels like you think it should or not. You just get down and do it.

See, I’ve been dealing with this exact thing recently. I’m been looking for motivation not only to sit zazen but to work on the book that I’m writing. Looking for this internal motivation to do whatever needs to be done really has nothing to do with motivation, it’s all about finding an excuse not to do something. The weird thing is, that something can be something you really want to do, but may be avoiding for any number of reasons (“I don’t deserve to spend time doing that,” “I have to deal with _____ first,” fear of failure, etc.).

So, there you go. Just practice. Just write. Just avoid quoting Nike slogans (“Just (get underpaid children in Vietnam to) Do It (for you)”).

(One question about the video, though: what’s with the cheesy set?)


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