We Are the Traffic

July 10, 2007

On the way into work this morning, I was listening to the 43rd episode of the Dharma Podcast and was struck by Beate Stolte-Overtheil’s mention of graffiti near a busy road that read, “This is not traffic.  You are the traffic.”  Coincidentally, I was sitting in traffic at the time (er, I was being traffic at the time).

This simple statement really sums up the idea of taking responsibility for the moment, accepting the role that you play in shaping the way the world is.  We might want to blame the traffic on all those other drivers, but that traffic wouldn’t exist without each individual driver being there, just like a world of violence wouldn’t exist if not for the collaboration of those perpetrating the violence, those remaining silent about the violence, and those benefiting from the violence.

Of course, maybe this graffiti was just making a statement about the environmental impact of cars, but hey, we have us to thank for that, too.


One comment

  1. traffic is just traffic…

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