In Search of a Sangha

January 9, 2008

One of this blog’s two (or am I being too generous?) readers mentioned that I need to write more.  So here goes.

I’ve started off 2008 with an invigorated practice.  I have to admit that for the last three months of 2007, my practice was practically non-existent.  But I’ve sat my butt down on the cushion every day this year so far for at least 10 minutes, so that’s a start.

Something I’ve realized as I’ve entered back into practice a little more seriously is exactly how scattered my mind is, something I imagine everyone figures out pretty early on.  I’ll be sitting there, counting my breaths in an attempt to still things a bit and by the time I’ve gotten to ten I’ve thought about work, something I need to do, an idea about a blog entry to write, how I’m not catching these thoughts as they come and thus having a “bad” session, and then flashing back to some memory from childhood.  And this is in a 30 or 45 second span.  No wonder I feel like I’m all over the place… my mind is working triple and quadruple duty most of the time.

As I’m picking my practice back up, I’ve been on an informal search for a local sangha.  I’d like to have some people to sit with periodically and be around some others who I might be able to learn from.  Unfortunately, even though I live in the fastest growing county in the nation, there just aren’t many options that aren’t far away.  There is a Thai Vipassana temple near my work which I’ve considered going to, but I’m wondering whether that would be in conflict with the Soto Zen I’ve decided to practice.  Maybe I need to just talk to someone there about it.


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