Lessons learned from practice, part 1

February 25, 2010

In taking more careful notice of individual moments throughout the day, it becomes a lot easier to notice how I’m feeling. As a result, when I’m feeling stressed, angry, depressed, or overwhelmed by chaos, it’s easier to remember that with a breath, it can end. And though it usually doesn’t with a single breath, knowing and noting that it’s a passing feeling has been greatly comforting.

Similarly, during those rare moments of calm or contentedness, it’s easier to appreciate the feeling when it’s explicitly noted. The realization that the moment will also end and that chaos and stress will eventually return was a bit jarring and uncomfortable at first, but now it’s actually kind of comforting in its own way. Each moment is its own and should be accepted as such. Whether it’s good or bad, it’s passing, so take from it what you can.


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