Anxiety: the second rhythm of the heart

July 26, 2011

I really liked this description of anxiety:

To understand the predicament of anxiety, we need only sit down quietly, draw our attention inward, and watch our thoughts as they tumble by. Our fears and concerns need not consume vast proportions, but beneath the melody of constantly changing thoughts, punctuating them like the thumping of the bass in a jazz quintet is the persistent throb of worry and care, the second rhythm of the heart.

– Bhikku Bodhi
(via the “Anxiety” podcast episode from Against the Stream by Matthew Brensilver (mp3))

Anxiety, the worry over a future that will likely never come to be, fills in every empty space in our mind. It elbows silence out of the way and slowly chews away at us, causing that darn discontentment/suffering/desire.


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